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2017 Highlights

It was an honor to witness God at work in the lives of families, their sponsoring pastors and churches, and the volunteer teams who came to build and serve in 2017. Here are a few highlights from the year.

A Time to Build – Concrete Poured

After a long process, we are excited to announce that we have finally poured the foundations for our International Operations Building and our Administration Building at our headquarters in El Paso, Texas.

Check Out Our New Vlog – CPC.TV

Check Out Our New Vlog – CPC.TV Please take a moment to watch our new video blogs. Every time you like, share, and subscribe, it helps Casas. Stay tuned for more videos each week on our YouTube...

Missionary Spotlight | Mary Cadarette

Meet Mary Cadarette, one of our newest missionaries. After doing two summer internships, Mary took on the role of Juárez Field Coordinator. She helps manage our pastors committee meetings, family follow up visits, tools, and materials.