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Casas por Cristo Mexcio House Floor Plan

God has done great things in and through Casas por Cristo this year. We completed 185 homes as a ministry – 31 in the Dominican Republic, 33 in Guatemala, 11 in Nicaragua, 38 in Cd. Acuña, and 72 in Cd. Juárez. God is good! That means 185 families now have a safe and secure place to call home and a constant reminder of God’s love and provision. It was an honor to witness God at work in the lives of these families, their sponsoring pastors and churches, and the volunteers who came to build and serve.

Dedication Photo
Our Hope Restored program kept us afloat this year, and we are so grateful! So many individuals, churches, and volunteer teams donated their funds so that our staff and local volunteers could still build homes for the families that had been chosen this year.
Casas as a whole built 185 projects in 2020. 82 of those projects were funded by our Hope Restored program, which equates to around $717,000 in Hope Restored donations. Thank you so much to all of you who donating time and resources to allow us to continue in our mission to build and serve amidst the pandemic.
HOUSE 6,000
In September, our staff from El Paso and Del Rio joined together in Juárez to build House 6,000! Casas began building homes in 1993, and God has been so faithful in those 27 years. To build House 6,000 with some of our staff from Hope Restored funds and in the midst of a worldwide pandemic was nothing short of a miracle that none of our staff took for granted.
It was a privilege to build for Jaime, Teresa, and their girls. It was a blast working alongside the staff for our family’s first staff build. And it was mind-blowing to watch how fast the house got done.
Casas brought on three new full-time missionaries this year. Nan Hammel moved to the Dominican Republic to serve as a Dominican Field Coordinator. Luke Stavely joined staff to serve as a Guatemala Field Coordinator. And Keturah Richison moved to El Paso, Texas to serve as Development Coordinator. We were excited to have these individuals join the Casas family with the unique gifts they each bring with them.
Additionally, Casas enjoyed serving with 16 interns this summer. These young men and women raised their own funds and sacrificed three months of their time and energy to build homes for families in need as well as serve in our administrative and field offices. We could not have survived this crazy summer without their help as they helped us in completing many of our Hope Restored homes. Their passion for service brought a wave of refreshment to our ministry. We also had two interns work in our Creative Department as well as having our first Finance intern this summer. Brigham Dion, our Intern Manager, did a great job training, investing in, and discipling our interns this year.

We praise God for all the great things He has done through Casas por Cristo this year. We would not have been able to accomplish so much without your generosity. Thank you for your partnership. Help us continue in our mission to build and serve.