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Casas por Cristo came into our lives in a big way in March of 2014. My husband, Melchor Marte, and I had just moved back to the Dominican Republic to do full time ministry in the small farming community of Cabirmal located in the mountains on the northern coast of the island.
We came back to a church that was almost dead. There were literally four people meeting together on Sunday mornings in a home because it was more convenient than opening the small church building. I am happy to report that four years later that small church building is bursting at the seams every Sunday morning with standing room only and people watching at the windows.

This tiny church has grown exponentially in the past four years as a direct result of the ministry of Casas por Cristo here in the Dominican Republic. We are now doing Bible school on Saturdays in two of the communities we’ve built in. On Sunday mornings, we send out our SUV in both directions to pick up people for church and there are some who walk several miles uphill to come to service.

Lives are being changed. People are coming to understand the limitless love of God. We are expanding our church building to be able to accommodate 125 people. Without the ministry of Casas por Cristo this would not have been possible. We thank the Lord constantly for his timing in bringing this ministry to our country to “seek and save the lost” (Luke 19:10).

-Kassie Marte