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Pastor Victor Chajil has been serving in ministry for 28 years as the pastor of Iglesia La Nueva Jerusalem in San Raymundo, Guatemala. Victor, his wife Sara, and their son Julio lived in the parsonage attached to the church. Victor plans to retire in a few years and recently began to think about the future and where his family would live once his job didn’t offer him a place to stay any longer. He was thrilled when a family in his congregation offered to give him a piece of land to build on. It would be a place to settle down in and make their own. Victor’s chunk of land sits on the edge of town next to a picturesque green valley spotted with cows and surrounded by mountains and pine trees. It’s sure to be a peaceful place for Victor and his family to enjoy living.

Pastor Victor has partnered with Casas por Cristo for several years and has sponsored 21 other families to receive homes so far. But this time, it was Victor’s turn to receive the blessing of a home for his own family. He and Sara were so thankful to God for providing their family a place of their own. They shared words of gratitude and thanks at the dedication followed by some beautiful hymns of praise in Spanish. It was special to witness a faithful servant of God offering praise back to God for his material blessings.