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Exciting News

Thank you all for your generous and sometimes sacrificial gifts this past year. A lot has been going on behind the scenes. Both of the metal buildings have been purchased and their entire building kits are sitting here on our property. All of the metal studs for the interior and outside walls have been purchased and are on-site, as well. After a long process with the city, our construction drawings have all been approved and our building permit has been issued. The property has been cleaned out in the appropriate areas, and we signed the contract for all of the civil work to begin. All of the dirt work has begun. Our property will be reformed and re-graded for all the correct elevations for our driveways, parking lots, ponding areas, and the pad sites for these two buildings. In just a few short weeks, we will have all the concrete for the slabs poured. The two buildings should start going up before Christmas!

All of this is thanks to God’s provision through your giving. The great news is that we have all of the funds that we need to accomplish these first phases. After this, we will be looking to God once again to provide the funding to be able to continue with the next phases of the project. I am so thankful that we serve a King who provides all that we can imagine and hope for. And I know that even now He is speaking to some of you who are being prompted by His Holy Spirit to help move us forward. Walking by faith is so humbling and rewarding. Thank you in advance to all of you who are going to feel that prompting and respond so generously.

Remember, the whole reason that we are developing our campus here is to facilitate our dream of expanding into 12 more Latin American countries. I want you to know that in the midst of this building campaign we are moving forward with those plans. We have already made our first scouting trip to our next planned location for expansion. The process of establishing ourselves legally in that country has already begun, and in January our leadership team will all be gathering there to meet with local pastors, to pray over this expansion, to seek God’s leading, and to take the next logistical steps so that we can have everything ready to begin hosting teams. So, be looking for an announcement from us in early 2018 for the big reveal of the next country that God is opening up for us.

I’ll be sending out a mailing to everyone before the Holidays with an update and hopefully some pictures of the progress going on around here. Thank you all so much.

— David Robertson
Executive Director