25 Years! Casas por Cristo is celebrating our 25th anniversary this year, and we are amazed, humbled, and oh so thankful. We want to offer all praise and thanks to God. We are only here because of Him, and we want to acknowledge that right from the beginning. This year, we are going to share a lot about our 25 years of building and serving. We will share stories of how we were started, stories of our very first teams (who are still building and serving with us), stories of our first families and churches, stories of what we are doing now, and even stories of what country we are going to be adding this next year.

All of these stories will tell you about people, groups, and churches that have made a legacy impact on more than 5,300 families. Throughout the year we will be challenging you to make a legacy impact on the lives of the next 5,000+ families in a number of different ways. Today we start with the most important way that you can make an impact. We are looking for 2,500 people that will cover this year and our future in prayer.

Leave a legacy of prayer by joining our 25th Anniversary Prayer Team. Click the PRAY FOR CASAS button below to sign up. Once a month, we will send you special prayer requests–areas of need, concern, and opportunity–that require your special prayer cover. We will be announcing many different ways that you can join in making a legacy impact during this 25th anniversary, but none is more important and more vital than prayer.

In 2018, we will be acknowledging and celebrating the legacies that made the last 25 years possible and offering you all the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy that will lay the foundation for the next 25 years. 2018 is the year of legacy!

Another way you can make a legacy impact is by donating your funds to help us continue to do ministry. In honor of our 25th year, we ask that you donate $25, $250, or $2,500. Donate to help us celebrate what God has accomplished through our ministry in our 25 years and prepare for what He wants to do through us in the future. Click the DONATE button below and select 25th Anniversary from the program menu.

Finally, to celebrate our 25th anniversary, Casas por Cristo would like to announce our new Legacy Program as a way to give back to our teams. If you recruit a new team to come and build a home with Casas por Cristo, we will offer you a $1,000 credit toward your next build every time that new team completes a trip with us. Click here to read the fine print.