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You may have heard us use the phrase Kingdom Cause. Just to give you an idea of what that means to us here at Casas, Todd from Bachelor Creek Church of Christ in Indiana shares about his work in Guatemala putting on midwife clinics.

Todd is retired after working 20+ years as a Career Firefighter/Paramedic and now works as a Critical Care Flight Paramedic. He has been on five builds with Casas por Cristo with his home church, Bachelor Creek. After their group’s first build in Guatemala, he felt moved to return to San Raymundo to meet with local doctors and pastors to see what problem in the community they could have an impact on in the name of Christ. The lack of training for midwives was at the top of the list for both parties, regardless of the fact that in rural areas of Guatemala, 80% of babies are delivered by midwives. Four years later, and they have trained over 125 midwives in teaching and improving proper techniques to help lower the rates of both infant and maternal mortality in the communities of San Raymundo and San Juan Sac.
This is a perfect example of Kingdom Cause. Throughout the building process, the families, pastors, and volunteers all have opportunities to serve each other. Our hope is that these experiences inspire you so deeply that when you return home to your regular day-to-day routines, whatever that may look like, you may be open and willing to see the innumerable opportunities God presents us with to serve Him by serving others. We all can have a Kingdom impact no matter where we are in the world with the skills and tools that God has provided each and every one of us. So the question is, how will you impact the Kingdom today?

We can’t say it enough. Thank you to the best group of volunteers and supporters out there. It is because of your faithful prayer, love, and support that we were so successful this year. We look forward to partnering with you all again in 2020.