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Last year in September, our El Paso and Mexico field staff joined together to build House 6,000 for Jaime, Teresa, and their two daughters, America and Jazmin. During the build, Pastor Hector shared with us that he chose this family so that America and Jazmin would come to know that God loves for them, cares for them, and will always provide for them. He also shared that Jaime and Teresa had been struggling in their marriage. God’s provision for them through a new home was just the sign that Teresa needed for them to continue working on their relationship.
When we went to film this family’s follow-up video just recently, Pastor Hector really hoped this house would bring their youngest daughter to God and to church, and it has done just that! He said in the interview that the entire family of four has better relationships with each other now. When we asked how Jaime and his wife were doing, they said, “Blessed!” Praise God for his continuing love for this family.

This home for Jamie and Teresa was made possible through the generosity of people like you through our Hope Restored program! Want to be a part of providing more families like theirs a new home in the name of Jesus? Click the button below.