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Nicaragua Mission Trips

As you may already know, we launched our Nicaragua location in January 2020 right before the pandemic hit. Due to Covid, United, American, & Delta Airlines suspended all scheduled flights in and out of Nicaragua. The loss of teams being able to get to Nicaragua was hard on the staff that we had there at the time, which was a contributing factor to their leaving. Consequently, we have not had any staff in our Nicaragua location since.

Now that things are starting to normalize, we are taking nine of our current staff to do two Hope Restored builds starting next week. While we are there, we will be meeting with our pastors to listen to them and encourage them. We will also be evaluating the travel process that we are using in an effort to see if this would be viable for teams to use until US-based airlines resume service as well as considering possible staffing solutions.

There are many logistics that we will be doing our best to navigate as we seek to follow the call we feel that God placed on our ministry when we expanded to this new location over two years ago, so please join us in praying through this process. Pray that God provides us with wisdom and discernment as we navigate these next steps to continue ministering to His people.