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In October, we built for the Contreras family in our Juarez location. This family consisted of Lorena, her husband, five children, and two grandkids. Knowing this had us simply praying that we would be such a blessing to a family of nine who desperately needed more space.

Earlier this fall, we sent some of our missionaries to Lorena’s house after their application for the home was chosen and accepted to do the initial family interview. Our missionaries explained that this is just the interview and that they should not get their hopes up about getting a house anytime soon because there was a minimum two-year wait. However, God had other plans as we ended up building for this family in late October. The week before we went to build, we got an email saying that Lorena had accepted Christ and decided to follow Him. This had our team then praying that this house would always be an anchor in her faith to look back on God’s love and provision for her.

We ended the week of building for Lorena’s family by praying for them, dedicating their new home to the Lord, and sharing the Gospel with them. When asked if anyone wanted to follow Jesus, all five of the kids shot their hands up at the same time with tears in most of their eyes saying they wanted to follow Jesus! We had the local pastor come and pray with the family in Spanish as they accepted Jesus as their Savior.

It is so cool to see God’s sovereign plan and perfect timing playing out right in front of us. We thought it would be two years before this family would receive a home, but God made that two years wait two months.

We praise God for all the great things He has done through Casas por Cristo this year. We would not have been able to accomplish so much without your generosity. Help us continue in our mission to build and serve by donating today!