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After we retired in 2012, we realized that we wanted to spend our time giving back. We have been blessed with time, means, and health. We were given the opportunity to go to Juárez, México on a mission trip with Peace Lutheran Church from Eau Claire, Wisconsin and Casas por Cristo.

Our first build was with a good leader, a great team, and a wonderful family. We were hooked. To be able to provide a family with a home in 3 ½ days is amazing. To be able to change people’s lives is priceless.

It is great to spend time with like-minded people who have no agenda but to help others through God’s love. Team Casas gives us the opportunity to meet people from many walks of life.

While we generally prefer to stay behind-the-scenes, we are quite willing to toot our horn to anyone that will listen about Casas por Cristo and the great work they are doing.

We feel that 3 ½ days is very doable, and the work is tailored to everyone’s level of experience. The need for adequate housing in the areas that Casas por Cristo serves is overwhelming. It isn’t possible to help every family in need, but we can help one family at a time.

We have experienced all four Casas locations, and, for us personally, Juárez is our first love. We are addicted and will continue to serve as long as God continues to bless us with good health.