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God has done great things in and through Casas por Cristo this year! We built 239 homes as a ministry – 24 in the Dominican Republic, 42 in Guatemala, 4 in Nicaragua, 61 in Cd. Acuña, and 108 in Cd. Juárez. God is good! That means 239 families now have a safe and secure place to call home and a constant reminder of God’s love and provision. It was an honor to witness God at work in the lives of these families, their sponsoring pastors and churches, and the volunteers who came to build & serve.

Our A Time to Build project was COMPLETED earlier this year! For those of you who have been with our ministry over the last several years, you may have heard us talking about this project. In order to accommodate both the present and future growth of our ministry, we constructed two new buildings in El Paso, Texas for our Juárez and Administrative staff, as well as space for future location launch teams. Check them out by clicking the video above!
THANK YOU to everyone who offered their time, resources, finances, and prayer to help bring this project to completion. We are so grateful to God for His faithfulness over these last several years, and we look forward to what He has in store for this ministry as we continue to build for and serve families in need across Latin America.
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Since the inception of our Hope Restored program in 2020, we have seen God do so much! These homes are provided to a family in need through the generosity of people like you, and we utilize our staff missionaries, pastors, and other volunteers to partner together for the construction of the home. Whether you’re not able to join one of our trips or desire to expand your impact beyond your annual group trip, our Hope Restored program allows you to take part in our mission to build & serve wherever you are!
Casas as a whole built 239 homes in 2022. 20 of those homes were funded by our Hope Restored program. Thank you so much to all of you who donated time and resources to allow us to continue in our mission to build & serve.
Every year in September, our staff from all locations gather together at our home office in El Paso. We spent time reflecting, planning, worshipping, and praying, and we ended the week doing what we do – building and serving! We’re so very grateful for this group of individuals that God has brought to our ministry to help carry out our mission of sharing the Gospel with the people of Latin America. ¡Gloria a Dios!
We are excited to see what God has in store for our ministry in 2023. Will you join us in praying for God to prepare the hearts of our staff, our pastors’ committee in each location, the families who will receive their new homes, as well as our teams who come to build & serve this next year?
Casas brought on nine new missionaries this year across all of our locations. We hired Manny Guzman to join our staff as a Site Coordinator in the Dominican Republic. Lalo Mendez now serves as our Site Coordinator in Juárez. We added several new staff members to our Guatemala location including Wilmer Top and Luis Ichaj as Site Coordinators and Jackie Severs and Bryor Grotts serving as Field Coordinators. We also added Wilfred Sian, Darrell Story, and Ruthann Story to our team to launch our new location in Honduras! Praise God for these individuals willing to serve the Lord through the ministry of Casas.
Are you or someone you know interested in joining our staff? Click here for a list of open positions.
Additionally, Casas enjoyed serving with 14 interns and one resident this year. These young men and women raised their own funds and spent between three months to one year of their time and energy to build homes for families in need and serve in our administrative and field offices. Their passion for service brought a wave of refreshment to our ministry.

We praise God for all the great things He has done through Casas por Cristo this year. We would not have been able to accomplish so much without your generosity. Thank you for your partnership.