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Almost two weeks ago, Volcan Fuego outside of Antigua, Guatemala had a major eruption. This volcano is very active and erupts often. However, an eruption of this magnitude hasn’t happened in decades. The eruption was so large 1.7 million people who were living in the surrounding areas had to flea their homes, many were injured, and unfortunately some passed away. Because of this, the airport shut down for a few days.

The only effect we experienced in San Raymundo was just a little residual ash from the volcano. Life is carrying on like normal. Casas was set back as we had four homes that were supposed to start the day after the eruption, but the teams arrived and worked very hard to complete the homes on time. Praise the Lord!

In the midst of all this, you all asked how you could help. One of our teams scheduled for the week following the eruption was no longer able to make their trip, so we asked for your help in making sure the Uyu family received their home as planned.

In less than three days, we raised the full amount to cover the cost for the building of the Uyu family’s home. We are still in awe of God’s provision over the last week and cannot thank you enough for doing your part. Thank you for your prayers and generosity. Because of you, the Uyu family now has a home to live in.


“To have a home is to give a better life for our kids. This is a big blessing for us and we are thankful to God for this blessing.”