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“This summer, we built a home for an older lady named Estervina and her two sons. Her husband passed away years ago, and she was left to care for her two young boys, one of whom was very sick. She told us her life had not been easy, but her joy was contagious the week we built her house. She walked around praising God as she witnessed the construction of her new home, and she thanked each of us with sweet hugs and soft pinches on the cheek. The highlight of the week for me was watching Estervina as she saw her roof finished. Even though there was still work to be done, this moment was important to her. She danced under her roof in tears exclaiming, “I have a roof! My bed will be dry!” The roof of her previous home would let in rain, and her bed would be soaked from each storm. Now, she would have a dry bed to sleep on, regardless of the weather!

This was a humbling reminder of how much these houses mean to these families. Their lives are forever changed after receiving this home, and the impact that makes on a family reverberates back into the community. At the end of the week, from the porch of Estervina’s new home, Pastora Saturnina preached a powerful message about the influence of testimony, regardless of age, to around fifty people in her community. Watching these pastors pour into their communities is a powerful thing to witness.”
Alyssa Dugger
Dominican Field Coordinator