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Meet our awesome interns & residents! These individuals give anywhere between three months to two years to support our ministry in a variety of ways including building homes for families, working in our Admin Department, serving in our field locations, and more.

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Gus Bell

Resident in the Dominican Republic

Howdy! My name is Gus. While I was born in El Paso, I grew up in Opelika, in the great state of Alabama! I graduated with my Associate’s degree in Plastic Injection Molding from a community college. From there, I went to work full-time in manufacturing. I was able to go on two Casas trips in the spring of 2023, and through those trips, I could hear God speaking to me and continuously pointing me back to Casas. I eventually listened to what God was telling me and committed to a residency with Casas. My grandparents, dad, and uncles all founded Casas in 1993, and I’m excited to continue in this ministry in Juarez. I know God can use me in a massive way with Casas, and I can’t wait to experience everything He has in store for me.

Luke Campbell

Building Summer 2024

Hey Everyone! My name is Luke. I am from Naperville, Illinois. I’ve been lucky enough to grow up in a Christian household with parents who have taken me to church for as long as I can remember. I love doing mission work and am so grateful to have this opportunity to serve Christ in such an amazing way. I can’t wait to bring God’s goodness to people who may not know His glory! God is good, and I can not wait to do his work!

Ashlyn Clark

Building Summer 2024

Hello! I am Ashlyn. I grew up in Central Illinois but have been in St. Louis studying physical therapy for the past few years. My family believes it is important to serve others and made sure my brothers and I got a chance to serve with Casas por Cristo. I have witnessed the impact that sharing the love of Jesus has on a community, and I am so excited God can use me to contribute to serving and sharing His love.

Mitchell Clark Jr.

Building Summer 2024

Hey there! I’m Mitchell. I’m from Owasso, Oklahoma. I just finished my sophomore year at Ozark Christian College, studying General Ministry. Throughout high school, I went on four mission trips with my church to Acuña. On day one of my first trip with Casas, I fell completely in love with it. I knew God was working through Casas por Cristo, and I wanted to be a part of it. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me this summer and how He’s going to work in and through me.

Shane Cooper

Building Summer 2024

Hi, I’m Shane. I grew up in northern Wisconsin. I enjoy adventure. I’m excited to serve with Casas while striving to follow God’s direction in my life! I am thankful for this opportunity to work and serve the Lord.

Paul Cordes

Building Summer 2024

Hi! I’m Paul! I’m from a small northeast Indiana town called Wabash. I love sports and playing soccer. Over the last couple of years, I have been blessed to go on three Casas builds, two in Acuña, Mexico, and one more recently in Guatemala this past March! I love the Lord and being able to share His love and serve others! I am still navigating the calling for my life and all the nerves the “unknown” brings, but I am so excited to be available this summer and see the Lord move through this Internship! I am ready to dive in!

Garrett Couchenour

Resident in Juárez, México

Hey, y’all! I’m Garrett, and I’m from Vincennes, Indiana. I graduated from Liberty University with a B.E.D. in Health and PE. I love to work outside, fish, play sports, read, hang out with friends and family, exercise, and learn about our Lord. I served on a mission trip with Casas in Guatemala the summer after I graduated high school. Ever since then, I’ve had a desire and heart for missions. I’m excited about the opportunity to serve as a resident with the Casas team and look forward to bringing the light and love of Jesus to all we meet.

Nanette Gorsett

Building Summer 2024

Hello! I’m Nanette. I’m joining Casas for the summer to serve Jesus and hopefully have some fun building! I love carpenter work and am lucky enough to have a father who let me help him since I’ve been old enough to hold the other end of a tape measure! My regular job is teaching upper elementary music in Marshall, MO. I love teaching, and I love music, but the Lord has blessed me with summers off, and I hope to give that time back to Him!

Molly Hail

Resident in El Paso, TX

Hi everyone! My name is Molly, and I am from Colorado Springs, Colorado. I recently graduated from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs with two bachelor’s degrees, one in sociology and the other in psychology. Growing up, the Casas por Cristo trip was the biggest event of the year at my church. My parents went on their first Casas trip when I was around seven years old. When they came back, my mom told me about the people who needed help and how God was using Casas por Cristo to meet their needs. I knew then that I wanted to serve with Casas one day. Now, twenty years later, I am proud to say that I have had the privilege of serving with Casas on two building internships, 2020 in Juarez and 2022 in Acuña, and now as a Team Coordinating Resident. I am excited to see what God has planned going forward.

Ledger Hannan

Building Summer 2024

Hi! I’m Ledger! I am originally from small-town Selby, SD, but I am now attending college at the University of South Dakota in Vermillion. My time at college has been so impactful for my faith life, and it has really caused me to open my heart to Jesus and live a life truly for Him, and with that comes serving others! I came to find that serving others is a burning passion of mine, and I am so grateful that Casas is providing me a way to carry out that work for the Lord’s people!

Joshua Harman

Building Summer 2024

Hey! My name is Josh. I was born in Guatemala and grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. I love to travel with my family, love Jesus, and love serving others. I’m so excited about this internship opportunity with Casas por Cristo. I have been on six home builds with Casas over the past six years. I look forward to learning more about and working with this amazing organization that builds houses and shares God’s love with those in need.

Brian Heisner

Building Summer 2024

Hey! I’m Brian, and I’m super excited to serve as an intern at Casas this summer! I grew up in St. Louis and am now studying mechanical engineering at Mizzou. My first mission trip with Casas was in the summer of 2019 (when I was a freshman in high school), and I absolutely loved it. An internship with Casas has always been at the back of my mind. This summer, everything just seemed to line up perfectly. I cannot wait to lead volunteers through the process of serving and to increase God’s kingdom this summer!

Libby Huff

Building Summer 2024

I’m Libby! I am from Sapulpa, Oklahoma. I have a bachelor’s in Social Work from the University of Oklahoma, and I hope to go on to get my master’s in Social Work as well. I have done several builds with Casas por Cristo throughout my life, and each experience had such a big impact on me, my faith, and my love for the Lord and others. Service is a huge part of my heart, and I am so excited to serve God and His community in this way!

Ty Huff

Building Summer 2024

Hey! I’m Ty, and I am from Sapulpa, Oklahoma. I just graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Biomedical Engineering. I have been on several Casas trips in the past, and I feel a calling to serve with them in order to further God’s Kingdom. I am incredibly excited to get to love on His people and help other teams do the same!

Katie Jansson

Resident in Acuña, Mexico

Hey y’all! My name is Katie, and I am from Farmington, Arkansas. I just graduated from the University of Arkansas with degrees in horticulture and soil science, and I am so excited to be serving as a resident with Casas! I first built with Casas por Cristo in 2017 and have since done two more builds and an internship in the summer of 2021. I love being able to tangibly love and serve the families that we build for and see God’s faithfulness displayed time and time again. I can’t wait to see what God is going to do next!

Bridgette Klasinski

Resident in Juárez, México

Hi friends! My name is Bridgette. I am from the small town of Buffalo, Wyoming. I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in Education in November of 2022 but then felt God calling me to ministry. I took my first trip with Casas in the summer of 2022 to build a home for a family in Juárez. God did a lot of work on my heart that week and I knew I would return to Casas in some sort of capacity. I followed God’s will and served as a spring intern in January of 2023. This time at Casas was a major turning point in my life that really deepened my desire to serve God and build the Kingdom. I am excited to join the Casas team as a Resident and to see how God continues to move among all of His people. One of my favorite things about Casas is how God brings people from different nations, unites them as brothers and sisters of Christ, and shows God’s love for them in such tangible ways. There is nothing that I would rather do than serve God and share the gospel through this ministry. I feel very blessed to be a part of what God is doing through Casas and excited about what God is going to do in my time here.

Ronald Marte

Building Summer 2024

Hi! my name is Ronald. I’m 19 years old, and I was born in Santiago, Dominican Republic. I applied for this internship because I believe this is going to be a good opportunity to grow in my relationship with God. Also, I’m looking for the next challenge to see how far I can go. I really like sports and the gym. I look forward to what God has in store for the summer!

Sydney Mencke

Building Summer 2024

Hello! My name is Sydney. I am from Omaha, NE, and attend the University of South Dakota. Since going to college, God has revealed to me a whole new side of what it means to truly know Him and be known by Him. I want others to experience the freedom and unconditionality of God’s love. I love and have seen the work that God is doing through Casas por Cristo, and I am so thankful for the opportunity to serve and be challenged in new ways.

Matthew Plunk

Admin Intern Starting Summer 2024

Howdy! I’m Matthew, and I love serving the Lord by helping His people wherever they find themselves. I grew up outside of Atlanta, Georgia, but I’ve seen my share of states and foreign countries, each one with its own unique needs and spaces in which to build God’s Kingdom. I cannot wait to move to El Paso/Juárez this summer and take another step closer to a career in service to all who need it!

Ashley Van Ravenswaay

Building Summer 2024

Hey y’all! My name is Ashley, and I am from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. In 2022, I graduated from Northwestern College with a degree in Music, but without a plan of what I was going to do moving forward. I had an opportunity in February of 2023 to go on my second build with Casas, and this opened my eyes to God’s calling to serve Him and His people. I am excited for this time with Casas to be able to share His love and light with more people through this internship.