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We are not currently offering mission trips to this location, however, you can still serve the people of Nicaragua! Through our Hope Restored program, you can donate the funds to build a home for a family in need, and we will hire local workers to complete the construction of the home. Sponsor a home for a family in need in Nicaragua today! Scroll to the bottom of the page for more information.

City Profile

Characterized by its alluring beaches, mangrove forests, rich soils, and agricultural economy, Chinandega is located in the northwestern Pacific region of Nicaragua and is home to over 150,000 inhabitants. It is the fifth largest city in Nicaragua and lies just 72 miles northwest of the country’s capital, Managua. Many in this area find work in the fishing industry as well as the production of field crops, primarily cotton, sugarcane, and bananas. This individualistic city is marked by its unique and historical architecture, including the iconic colonial parish, Our Lady of Santa Ana, located in the town’s main square. Much like its architecture, Chinandega is full of culture deeply inspired by its indigenous past.

Nicaragua is the largest country in this region and attracts many tourists for dramatic scenes made up of volcanoes, lakes, and beaches. This beautiful country hosts a dry, tropical climate with two distinct seasons. The dry season extends from November to April and presents lush and beautiful landscapes full of trees and flowers, while the rainy season occurs between May and October with an average rainfall of 12 inches per month.

One of the poorest countries in Latin America, approximately one-third of Nicaragua’s population lives on less than $2 a day. And in rural areas, over 50% live in extreme poverty. Homes are typically constructed from metal and wood scraps, and there is very low access to adequate electricity, water, and sanitation. The main causes of poverty in this country over the years have mostly been due to political instability, natural disasters (hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes), and lack of education. Although school is free and mandatory, those in rural areas lack access because of inadequate transportation and lack of funds to cover necessary school supplies. Because of this, children from impoverished families often have to work to help support their family.

With the gift of a home, families are relieved of their greatest financial struggle and are given the ability to provide other necessities for the home as well as better access to education. By providing families with the greatest earthly gift they may ever receive, pastors gain access to share Jesus Christ with these families, their neighbors, friends, and extended family. Extraordinary transformation takes place as the local church is able to serve their community in such a powerful way.

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  • 2024 Project Cost: $14,000
  • Goal: 4 homes per year
  • For donation only through our Hope Restored Program. Sponsor a home for a family in need and help in providing employment to locals in Nicaragua.
  • To donate, click the button below, select “Hope Restored” from the program menu picklist, and write “Nicaragua” in the comments section.