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We offer group and individual mission trips to Acuña, México. In three to four days, partner with a local church to construct a home from start to finish for a family in need. We offer one type of home in Acuña, known as the México model.

City Profile

Hidden behind the banks of the Rio Grande lies the city of Acuña, México, which borders Del Rio, Texas. It has over 134,000 inhabitants. Because of the growing number of factories springing up in this border town, many people come here in search of work.

Those familiar with the border town of Juárez may be surprised by the smaller feel of Acuña. It is a commercial and manufacturing center for agriculture where cattle and sheep are raised and wheat and nuts are the primary crops. The climate is extremely humid with temperatures reaching their peak near 100 degrees in the summer months. Children and adults alike can be seen utilizing the local rivers and lakes as a way to escape the summer heat.

A typical family in Acuña earns $60 a week, oftentimes being employed by a local factory or maquila. With an average family size of four, this income is barely enough to survive and provide for their most basic needs. Public education is not free, causing families to struggle to provide the money needed for uniforms, books, and tuition. Due to the lack of income, there is rarely any money left over to purchase materials to help build adequate housing. For this reason, the homes in Acuña are similar to what can be seen in many border towns. Families utilize scrap materials and anything that they can find to build homes to shelter their families. There is a vicious cycle that is created due to a lack of job opportunity and income that prevents a family from being able to provide for even their most basic needs. Through building homes, our ministry helps relieve this burden of housing so that families can focus their income towards providing food and education for their family in order to help break this cycle.

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Acuña Trips



  • Project: $10,350 | Groups of 15-20 people | Three-room home
  • $1,000/project | Deposit (non-refundable; applied toward final trip fees)
  • Additional Costs:
    • Optional meal plan: $32/person/day | Three meals/day | 15-person minimum
    • Transportation: groups provide their own or rent from Casas for $165/van/day (15-passenger vans recommended)
    • Premium lodging: $16/person/day | At a Casas owned facility (La Hermosa) | Bunkbeds provided | 3-day minimum
    • Standard lodging: $7/person/day | At a local church | Beds and bedding not included | 3-day minimum
    • Travel insurance: ~$10/person
    • Hire Local Labor (Optional) | $30/worker/day
    • Family Gift Options


  • 2024 Cost: $1,025/person ages 12+ | $315/child ages 0-11
  • 2025 Cost: TBD
  • Deposit: $100/person (non-refundable: applied toward final trip fees)
  • Includes all meals, transportation, lodging, and travel insurance in-country
  • Does not include travel to and from or any hotel stays in Del Rio, Texas
  • Dates:
    • June 24 – 27, 2024
      (Seeking 14 individuals by May 24, 2024)
    • December 27 – 30, 2024
      (Seeking 14 individuals by November 27, 2024)
    • June 23 – 26, 2025
      (Seeking 14 individuals by May 23, 2025)
    • December 27 – 30, 2025
      (Seeking 14 individuals by November 27, 2025)