Jenn Byham

Hi, I’m Jenn. I work in the field of Retail Security in the Sales and Marketing function. I help retailers to be able to reduce their theft and increase sales. I first got involved with Casas when I went on a Legacy Build to the Dominican Republic in the Fall of 2017. I absolutely fell in love with the ministry. Missions and international development has been a passion of mine for a long time. I was previously working for a global non-profit, and when I decided to move into Corporate, I desired to still be a part in growing the Kingdom. Serving on the board for Casas seemed like the perfect way to do this. I love the sustainability and the growth for the local church. When a home is built, the local church in that community is the hero. They are the ones that are building the relationships, helping these families, and pouring into their communities. All we are doing is supporting them and providing that local pastor with a tool to reach their community!  

Ernel Henry

I am Ernel Alexander Henry I.  I am a retired High School teacher from Kansas.  I did my first build with Crossroads Christian Church in 2011 in Acuña.  Ed Johnson and I have done some work in Jamaica and after a few builds with him, he suggested that I join the board.  I like praying for the team, but much more than that, I like being a part of this ministry that is doing everything to bring souls into the kingdom of God.

Jack Jansson

Hi, I'm Jack. After retiring in 2013, I'm now serving part-time in technical training & industrial utilities in a consulting role. In 2000, I was helping a senior pastor friend, acting as that church's youth pastor. This led to me leading my first trip with Casas to Puerto Anapra (Juárez) in July of that year. For me, I clearly hear Him whisper, "go ye, therefore" and believe that we are ALL called to do so - across the street or around the world.  CpC is actively and intentionally helping to build His kingdom by seeing lives impacted and changed for and toward Jesus. We are also seeing the outlook and perspective of those who come to build and journey to a foreign land challenged and refocused on more closely walking alongside our Savior. Plus, we are seeing unity within the Body of Christ becoming more of a reality, where denominational isolation has been the norm. These things and more cause me to be grateful to be part of CpC and serve on the Board. My favorite parts of CpC are seeing Christ change and redirect lives for His Kingdom and His Glory as well as personally experiencing "when I am weak, then I am strong".

Ed Johnson

Hi, I'm Ed. I am the CEO of Johnson Gage and Inspection, Inc. I was introduced to the ministry of Casas through our church, beginning in 1999. I was asked to consider joining the Board in 2004 by one of the directors.  We talked at length about the ministry and I felt called to do what I could to serve with Casas. My favorite thing about this ministry is their work with local pastors, respecting their wisdom and faithful service while also supporting and affirming their ministries. Casas provides an opportunity for servant ministry that appeals to people who like to work with their hands to demonstrate God’s love.  This often appeals to a set of believers that may not be called to speaking ministry, but they have a heart for serving others. People living in difficult situations receive the blessing of a good home and a practical demonstration of God’s love and grace delivered by a team of volunteers. The work of God’s people serves as a visible testimony that Jesus continues to meet needs and change lives.

Heidi Morehouse

My name is Heidi Morehouse, and I am a teacher and currently serving as principal. My first trip with Casas por Cristo was in 2004, and I later interned in 2008. On my trip in 2004, I was amazed at this wonderful ministry, and I knew right then that I would be back and not just for another week. I wanted to come back long enough to pour my heart into this ministry. CpC changed my heart and opened my eyes to what God can do when you humbly come ready to serve. I am happy to continue to serve today as a board member. The people - staff, pastors, and families - are my favorite thing about the ministry.

Ryan Ross

Hi, I’m Ryan. I was introduced to Casas by Pete Dockery (Guatemala Field Director) in 2001 and built my first house with Casas in 2003. I fell in love with the ministry. A number of years later, I was asked to serve on the board, and I didn’t hesitate to accept. As an El Paso native and doing ministry work across the border as a youth, Casas immediately held a very special place in my heart. I was excited about the opportunity to serve God through this ministry. I love seeing the effect this ministry has on the families and communities it serves. The families that are blessed with houses can feel and see that this ministry has a genuine love for Christ and a love for those the ministry comes in contact with.

Clay Ryan

My name is Clay Ryan. I am a Financial Advisor living in Fort Worth, TX. I was born and raised in El Paso, and lived there until my wife and I moved to Fort Worth in 2002. While still living in El Paso, I knew of Casas por Cristo through church and from stories of people I met who had been on a build. It wasn’t until I met Pete Dockery in 2001 and became friends with him that I truly began to understand and appreciate all that Casas did.  In 2011, Pete told me about Casas expanding into Guatemala. God laid it on my heart to organize a trip and I have been on a build in Guatemala every year since. My passion for seeing the ministry continue to grow and reach more lives led me to serve on the board. My favorite thing about the ministry is the relationships we have with the local pastors in each of our locations.

Matt Stafford

I'm Matt Stafford, and I am the Director of Worship and Creative Arts at Ozark Christian College. I train worship leaders and creative arts staff for churches. I got involved with Casas por Cristo as a college minister at Ball State University. I began bringing students to México with Casas in 1993, and I've yet to find a better way to disciple students and share the gospel at the same time. Serving on the board gives me the opportunity to contribute in a small way to the life-changing work that takes place on a massive scale among the staff, the teams of volunteers, the recipients of homes, and the churches of Latin America that we serve. Giving a home to a family is the gospel in action. Jesus came preaching good news to the poor. We carry on the ministry of Jesus when we love people by building homes and bringing the grace of God near.

James Whatley

Hi. I’m James, and I am a pastor in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. I went on my first build with Casas in the summer of 1999 and have been going back ever since. The mission of Casas is life changing and kingdom advancing. Few missions organizations have a return on investment like Casas Por Cristo. Lives are changed and people come to Christ through the work the of the ministry. I want to be a part of organizations that make a difference in the world and the Kingdom, and Casas is one of those organizations. This is why I have chosen to serve on their board. Being with a family as they receive a house and hearing a local pastor share the gospel is priceless.