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We offer group and individual mission trips to the Santiago, Dominican Republic area. In just one week, partner with a local church to construct a home from start to finish for a family in need. We offer one model home in the Dominican Republic with three rooms and a front porch. Finish your trip with one of our many excursion options to see the beauty of the Dominican Republic.

City Profile

Resting between the crystal clear Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, the island of Hispaniola is home to the Dominican Republic. Not only is it the second-largest country in the Caribbean with upwards of 10.7 million people, but the Dominican also has the Caribbean’s most geographically diverse countryside with stunning mountain scenery, desert scrubland, and breathtaking coastline.

The musical tones of bachata resonate in the air only to be muffled by laughter lingering around men playing dominoes on the street corners. Houses characterized by rough-cut tree limbs, low hanging roofs, and sheet metal painted with bright blues, yellows, and greens are staples in the Dominican countryside.

The Dominican Republic’s tropical climate and white sand beaches house some of the world’s most luxurious vacation destinations. While the country’s $1 billion tourist industry may give the appearance of a thriving nation, the stark reality is that 40% of Dominicans live in poverty, surviving on less than $1.50 a day, and the unemployment rate stands at a daunting 60%. Families are left struggling to pay for food, safe drinking water, and adequate housing. Many families have to choose whether or not to put the majority of their income into housing, knowing that there will only be pennies left to provide other basic necessities. Heartrendingly, some families are forced to sell their children into slavery in order to survive. The human trafficking industry in the Dominican is a $9.5 billion a year industry.

By working alongside the Dominican church, Casas por Cristo volunteers help alleviate families’ financial burdens and bring the hope of Christ to this remarkable land. With the provision of safe and secure housing, the largest tangible gift anyone will ever receive, you can proclaim the truth of God’s love not only to a family but also to the community at large.

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  • Project: $11,442 | Groups of 15-25 people | Three/four-room home
  • Meals, Transportation, and Lodging: $285/person | 6 & 7-day trips (additional $50/person/extra day beyond 7 days)
  • Deposit: $1,000/project (nonrefundable; applied toward final trip fees)
  • Additional costs



  • 2024 Cost: $1,275/person ages 12+ | $315/child ages 0-11
  • 2025 Cost: TBD
  • Deposit: $100/person (nonrefundable; applied toward final trip fees)
  • Includes all meals, transportation, lodging, and travel insurance in-country
  • Airfare not included. Use the Cibao International Airport (STI) in Santiago.
  • Dates:
    • June 2 – 8, 2024
      (Scheduled – still accepting volunteers)
    • January 2 – 8, 2025
      (Seeking 15 individuals by November 2, 2024)
    • June 1 – 7, 2025
      (Seeking 15 individuals by April 1, 2025)
    • December 27, 2025 – January 2, 2026
      (Seeking 15 individuals by October 27, 2025)