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Jose Luis, his wife, and three kids had been jumping around from place to place because they had no home of their own. They would stay somewhere as long as they could until they were forced to relocate. Eventually, they were able to purchase a small plot of land on the east side of Juárez, but they had no money left over to build a safe, secure home. In the meantime, Jose had tied and connected together a rectangular shaped structure made of pallets and did his best to line the house with pieces of plastic to keep the wind and dust out. In the weeks leading up to this build for Jose Luis and his family, I remember the temperature had dipped down into the teens. And here is this family living in a house made of pallets with a dirt floor. This was a very memorable build for me. It reminds me that it’s not just the heat that families need to be shielded from but also the freezing cold temperatures that winter can bring. Now, this family has a nice insulated home to keep them warm. It also serves as a reminder that God cares for them and has come to their rescue by giving them a place of their own.

Brigham Dion
Intern Manager