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Tragically, the Loyos Family’s house burnt down in February, and they lost their only child, an 8-year-old son, in the fire. During our Juarez pastors’ meeting last month, three pastors let us know about this family. We learned they had land in Anapra, so one of our pastors in this community joyfully agreed to sponsor this family’s home application. We understood this was an emergency, but all of our upcoming builds this spring were already assigned to other families. A week after the meeting, another team signed up, and now the Loyos Family will be receiving their home the week of March 21! God is awesome!

When we did the First Look interview, the husband, Marcos, began quoting Hebrews 11:11, saying that God wants us to have faith in what we cannot see. We continue to pray for Marcos and Teresa and pray this home is a great blessing after their tragic loss. Praise God for His love and provision for them.