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“What helped me grow the most this summer was the team I had surrounding me. I never felt like I was being judged and always felt accepted by others. After one of our most difficult builds of the summer, we all went to church, and I realized I had been building for myself up until that point; I hadn’t been building for the Lord. But after that Sunday, once God hit me in the head with it, I came into the following weeks with a much more positive attitude and didn’t get upset at things like I had before, and the rest of my summer was so much more worth it.
The internship has more than shaped my relationship with Christ. It made me realize that God is literally everywhere. I knew that before, but I really figured it out this summer. It also helped me see that there are way more people out there that love God and are willing to spread His word.”
2020 Juarez Intern

As a Casas intern, you will work directly with families in need, other interns, and available teams of volunteers as you build partnerships that give families homes and an opportunity to know the love of Jesus in a very real and tangible way. Interested in learning more about our Summer Internship program? Click the button below!