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“The theme of our summer was to Live a Life Worthy of our Calling. In my own walk with Christ, He showed me things I had to surrender. After making the decision to love him more and surrender those things, it was clearly confirmed that He was glorified, and my heart was so at peace. He also showed me ways I can be involved in the families’ lives and ministries, which brings so much excitement for what I get to be a part of even as I go back home.

The internship definitely brought me closer to Christ, and this is such a sweet feeling because it was what I was hoping this summer would do before I moved on to the next big step in my life.”
2020 Juarez Intern

As a Casas intern, you will work directly with families in need, other interns, and available teams of volunteers as you build partnerships that give families homes and an opportunity to know the love of Jesus in a very real and tangible way. Interested in learning more about our Summer Internship program? Click the button below!