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How does an international mission trip = a local mission trip? 
37 broken (in one way or another) people traveled out of the country together, roomed together, confided brokenness in the quietness of the night, encouraged each other between the hammering of nails, cried between the studs of a new home, appreciated our blessings, climbed out of our comfort zone for strangers, and was prayed for by hundreds of friends, family, and complete strangers back home. We were financially supported by individual donations, fundraisers, children that gave up their birthday money, people who bought bracelets, and funding by churches. We grabbed ahold of Isaiah 6:8, “Use me, send me,” and put our excuses and fears aside and allowed God to lead our journey. We are all changed! We have a different bond with each other that is either new or deeper.
We all have a story to tell of how God has used us or worked in our individual lives! Our mission trip wasn’t just about two families that received a new home; it was about that community that saw us being the hands and feet of Jesus. It was about the local children and youth interacting with our team even though there was a language barrier. It was about the generational ripple that has begun in two communities, in Acuña and with us here at home. It is the ripple that has started in the hearts of 37 broken people stepping out in faith. I’m excited to see how far and wide this ripple will go. Their families are now our families, all together in Jesus’ name.
-Joni, Volunteer