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Janet was the recipient of one of our Hope Restored homes in Juárez this summer. She is a widow and a mother of two sons, ages 17 and 21. She moved to Juárez from Oaxaca, México to make a better life for herself and her family. She knew that there would be more opportunities for work along the border. After moving here, they had just enough money to purchase a plot of land but not enough to build a suitable home. Janet and her boys pieced together a shack made of scraps, exposed to the intense sand, wind, and heat of the high desert climate. Pastor Arturo and his church began discipling Janet when she applied to receive a home. After watching the team of volunteers labor through the 105-degree desert heat to build her home with love, she accepted Christ as her Savior. That’s why we do what we do. Thank you for your part in helping share the love of Christ with Janet and her kids.
To join us in continuing to share God’s love with families like Janet’s, you can donate to our Hope Restored campaign! Text “HOPERESTORED” to 44-321 or click the link below for more information.