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Praying over a family
Last year, we built a home for Dora and her children, Allen and Mina. When we received their application, Dora was applying alongside her husband, Javier, in desperate need of a safe home for their family. Javier was diagnosed with cancer and had been sick for some time, and their pastor had asked us to join in praying for his healing.
When we showed up at the site, Dora let us know that Javier had passed the week before. Consequently, it was an emotional week. Allen is now the man of the house, helping to take care of his mom, and also works after school to help contribute to their living expenses.
At the dedication, Dora acknowledged the timeliness of this gift from God. Javier greatly desired a home for his family so that they would have a safe place to live after his passing, and God worked in His perfect way for this family. Although it was a very challenging time, they had fellow believers surrounding them with love and prayer.