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We have an amazing opportunity for you to help Casas por Cristo recruit more churches to partner with. This October, we are offering a free scouting trip for potential new church partners to come experience Casas for the first time. Travel to El Paso, TX where the team will meet and cross the border. You are responsible for transportation costs to our location, but upon arrival to El Paso the build, accommodations, food, and travel are included.

The dates for the trip are October 21st – 26th. If you know pastors or influencers in other churches, schools, organizations, and businesses who would benefit from a partnership with Casas por Cristo, please invite them to join us. Sign up through our Team Casas page and select Legacy Build from the program menu.

If you have any questions, or would like more information please contact Justin Kirklin. Thank you for being a partner with us in building the Kingdom through the ministry of Casas.

Justin Kirklin
(915) 778-0046 ext. 19