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How many people live in your house, and does your house have enough space to comfortably support them? For most of us, the answer is likely yes. But that is not always the case in impoverished communities like Juárez.

Adelina, Milagros, Celie, Mia, and Angel (shown above), and they share a small, two-room house with Vicente, Epifana, Vicente, Alan, Maricela, and Dulce, (shown below). That’s 11 people living in the space of an American one-car garage.

Adelina is a single mother who works in a factory. She is separated from her husband, Jorge, and does not receive support from him anymore. Until about 6 months ago, she and her family were living in a wood-pallet house with a leaky roof that let insects and spiders inside. She shared that her son Angel was bit by a black widow spider while they were living there. Luckily, she received a new house from another organization, which was a huge improvement, but that house is not insulated and so doesn’t do a lot to protect them from the harsh summer and winter temperatures.

Vicente’s family does not have a home of their own. They are living with Adelina in her house, but it is too small for that many people. Epifana explained that many of them sleep on the floor. A second house will allow this family to spread out and live more comfortable lives.

When we asked for prayer requests, Adelina focused outward rather than on her personal struggles, and asked that we pray for the children, orphans, and sick people in the world. This was a beautiful picture of being kingdom-minded despite physical struggles. We ask that you join us in praying for these families and for the team that will build for them. If you would like to donate to support our ministry, click the button below!