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Before meeting the Casas por Cristo team, the Benavides family lived in a one-room concrete block house that provided them only minimal protection from the elements. Delvis’s full-time job barely sustained them previously, and reduced hours during the pandemic have hit the family hard – especially as they are expecting another child. As Delvis now looks for consistent work as a mechanic, Isela has stayed home during the day with their three children, her two sisters, and her mother.

As they worked on the Benavides’ house, our interns learned the ins and outs of construction alongside some new team members: Mariana (7), Dominik (4), and Jose (3), who were thrilled to be included. Despite the language barrier, one intern spent all week making sure that his “amigos” had opportunities to help hammer nails and put up chicken wire. They shared lunches, had dance parties, and built friendship, all while building the house. The Benavides family is immensely grateful for a safe and sturdy home in which to raise their children, thanks to the hard work of the interns and the support of the Hope Restored campaign.

If you want to take part in restoring hope to other families who still need homes, please consider giving to Hope Restored. Casas por Cristo is raising funds to build houses for families who would have received one this year. We invite you to join us in sharing God’s love with His people across Latin America by clicking on the button below.