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Meet Sergio! He and his wife received their new home in September thanks to Boyd Christian Church (Dix, IL) and Southside Christian Church (Litchfield, IL) coming to serve with us in Juarez. Sergio works nights and would build all day and then go to work as a security guard all night. Needless to say, at the end of day three, he was exhausted and so excited to see his home completed. His wife was gone on a trip to visit family in Durango, so the team didn’t get to meet her, but we can’t imagine her excitement to return to a brand new home. At the dedication, Sergio thanked the team for teaching him so much about construction. The best part of the week was watching Pastor Lola share the gospel with Sergio since he is not yet a believer. Lola talked about the four types of homes – our earthly home, our bodies, our church, and our heavenly home. She urged Sergio to seek God and to let Jesus come into his heart to “clean up his home” so that he can enjoy eternity with God in the mansion He is preparing for us. It was really cool to catch a glimpse of what God is doing in Sergio’s life. Join us in praying for Sergio and Pastor Lola as she continues ministering to this very special family!