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“In July, we built a home for the Ramirez Family alongside a group from Thursday Church. The family cooked some delicious lunches for us each day. As we were eating lunch with the family one afternoon, I was able to learn a little bit of their story. God was definitely working at that moment as he prompted Trent, one of the team members, to ask the family some questions.

We discovered that that day was the one-year anniversary of the death of Juan and Gloria’s daughter. She passed away at age 28 due to cancer. Their granddaughter, Emma (age 11), was left alone and in need of care. So, Juan, Luis, and Gloria packed up their lives in Chihuahua (4 hours away) and moved to Juárez. Trent and his wife, Heidi, provided comfort and encouragement as they shared about the loss of some of their family members earlier this year. They explained that God had carried them through the pain of their loss. Trent asked the family if they believed that they would be reunited with their daughter in heaven someday. They answered that they have hope of spending eternity together – what a beautiful thing to witness their faith in the midst of their difficult circumstances!”
Roberta Sanders
Operations Manager