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In March of 2020, we partnered with St. Peter’s Church from Milford, CT in order to build a home for Jose, Mary, and their three children in Juárez. The home they were living in was very small, and their daughter, Evelyn, was sleeping in the living room, where they also hosted their Bible study. They prayed that God would provide them a home so that they would have enough space to invite more of their community to their Bible study, and He did! THIS is the long-term, exponential impact that we hope these homes have – where the families who receive homes are able to share the love and provision of God they have experienced with those around them so that He may be known by many more.

We are now seeing this happen more and more throughout Juárez as our pastors sponsor homes for families who want to use their homes to start Bible studies and churches in their own communities! Check out Pastor Martha and Pastor Sergio’s stories below to hear how God is working in their lives.

When Pastor Arturo and his wife met Pastor Martha, they heard of her need for a home and felt moved to help her. She bought land for her home in a different part of town than she is now because she also wants to build a church there on her property. She asked that God would help her with the church that she will begin in this part of town. Meet Pastor Martha and her family by clicking the video link above!

Sergio & Josefina are also planning to use their future home to reach more families in their neighborhood! Check out their First Look video at the link above to learn more about their need for a home and how they plan to use it to build the Kingdom. They ask for prayer for God to open doors as they work to build a church building on this property.
How amazing is our God?! We are so grateful for these families and their dedication to bringing more souls to Christ in their communities! Will you join us in praying for Pastor Martha and Pastor Sergio & Josefina as they wait for their homes to be built and prepare to plant these churches in order to reach more families for Christ?