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Meet the Hernandez Family! Jesus, Claudia, and their three daughters, Claudia, Dalila, and Kenia received their new home last month thanks to Vista Grande Baptist Church coming to build and serve in Juárez.

Jesus has a factory job, so he would come straight over to the worksite after his day at work to come to see his new home being built. While Jesus was at work, Claudia was there all day helping on the worksite and making sure that the team was well taken care of. It is very normal for the families we serve to sleep outside to watch over the materials at night to make sure they do not get stolen. In this case, Claudia was out there during the cold nights making sure that everything was there for us to use in the mornings. This is always a humbling realization of the reality that the families we build for live in. Now, thanks to God, they have a safe place of their own to call home!